Official Launch


Firmly believing in every successful venture is based on an unoriginal idea, beautifully executed.

We are happy to announce our initiative to the Publishing Industry through our firm, “Pulmis”

Pulmis is an initiative to provide a new horizon in the publishing Industry. Pulmis is derived from Latin word “Pulchra Nimis” which means “Fair Deal”.

With a creative and a passionate team, we offer to provide our services as Publisher & Distributor.

We guarantee to provide an experience to work with a team which is responsible, accountable and transparent by all means. We understand the value of time and respect the hardships which an author experiences. Besides being an author oriented publishing house, our team would not lose focus on the end client- readers and we aim to deliver the best of the reading material with the preeminent quality.

The Philosophy-

We are launching our firm with a single concept of transparency with all respects in publishing.  We might not be able to provide you Distribution as much as or as better as others can. But we can assure you accountability of each & every single moment, rupee, thought spent.